Wills - what you need to know...

When drafting a will the principles are relatively simple but often overlooked.

A critical aspect often missed is providing your beneficiaries with the right to DEMAND service. A will appointing a bank as your executor means you are playing a lottery as to which of their staff members will be assigned to your case, and removes all chance for your estate to save on time and costs.

My personal opinion is that you should choose someone you know well and trust to be your executor - they can always seek professional help where needed, but you give them a chance to negotiate the rates charged by these professionals, and the freedom to 'fire' a professional that is not living up to their expectations.

I have attached a useful brochure published by Momentum that provides sensible guidelines in will drafting.

Please get in touch with us should you have any queries.

Will Guidelines - Momentum.pdf44.01 KB


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