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The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have..." This is a challenge when what they "have" is an STD or something, but we'll ignore that particular example!

Retirement Fund Consulting

We at Antler believe that South African retirement fund members have the finest legislation in the world protecting their interests.

Legislation can be a minefield and requires attention to detail by experienced consultants. We ensure compliance and success in the goal of providing appropriate benefits to members, from date of joining through to retirement.

If a retirement fund member does not understand the benefits being provided he will not appreciate them. Regular and proper communication is key!

With 47 years experience consulting to the smallest and largest retirement funds in the country, our staff have the knowledge to ensure that retirement provision within a formal retirement fund is money well invested, and growth is inevitable.

We solve the problems facing employers, Trustees and members with regard to their retirement funds.

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