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NHI - Breaking to compete rather than building to compete

When a government is outclassed and outgunned by the private sector there are two ways to make themselves more competitive:

1) Build the public sector to close the gap.

2) Break the...

Momentum & the repudiated claim.

Commentary by Anton Muller

Momentum has had a rough patch.
They were 100% right to repudiate the claim (Denise Ganas).

In the event of material non-disclosure - whenever it...

New legislation around Medical Aid

Commentary by Anton Muller

Remember, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But a bird in the hand can make it difficult to brush your teeth or type up important documents. Weigh up your bird options carefully

EB Specialisation

  • Compliance with Surplus legislation introduced in December 2001 - still proving a challenge to retirement funds.
  • Converting Defined Benefit funds to Defined Contribution - an involved process requiring extreme care to succeed.
  • Converting “stand alone” funds to the often more efficient “umbrella” offering - needs careful consideration and guidance.

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