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Momentum & the repudiated claim.

Commentary by Anton Muller

Momentum has had a rough patch.
They were 100% right to repudiate the claim (Denise Ganas).

In the event of material non-disclosure - whenever it...

New legislation around Medical Aid

Commentary by Anton Muller

Take off the Rose-coloured glasses

Anton Muller - Attached an article by Dave Foord of Foord Asset Management on why return...

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there!

Risk Mitigation

By far the most boring yet often the most necessary aspect of Financial Planning, RISK PRODUCTS are often seen as life-long investments. We see them as lifestage investments.

Times have changed, and risk covers should be calculated on ‘reducing balance’ against net worth.

Vitally important in mid-life, never more so than when you have small children, we aim to ensure you only have as much as you need during the life stage in which it is needed.

Antler is never afraid to confront insurers where we feel a client has been treated unfairly.

We are dogged in pursuing claims in both individual and corporate risk environments, leading the process rather than following as is the case with most of our competition.

We hold contracts with all of the major insurers in South Africa, and are mostly able to tailor existing provisions rather than throwing them out.

We are happy to take over advising on whatever existing provisions may be in place, and changes, should they be necessary, will only be made with your express agreement.


Corporate Risk

"Buy and Sell" policies, Contingent Liability and "Keyman" Assurances fall under this category, but must be customised and properly backed up by the relevant contracts to achieve their intention.

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